29 September 2008

My typical September/October week in football

Folks, it is Autumn in the USA and it's officially soccer season! If my loyal readers out there were wondering where in the heck I've disappeared to, I'd like to spend a few moments letting you know about a typical week for me this glorious time of year.

When I'm in town, I'm at soccer field at least four days each week. My daughter is training with her academy team on Monday and Wednesday with matches on Saturday morning/afternoon and Sunday morning/afternoon while my team is playing Sunday evenings.

Which means that on a typical week, counting commute time, I'd estimate I spend between 18 and 22 hours participating in soccer; which obviously leaves very little time to watch any TV, let alone soccer on TV. But alas, the glorious internet keeps me abreast of the goings on in England and elsewhere and it is early in the season after all.

Here is my typical week in footballBy that I mean, I'm spending probably f course I mean soc

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