03 October 2008

Ugly Thursday match between FC Dallas and San Jose

Sorry to fans of both these clubs, but up until the late penalty kick to tie up, the match reminded me a lot of high school soccer. A lot of flat play, long balls, and very little creativity from either side.

That is until Kenny Copper and FC Dallas were given an absolute Christmas present from the referee in the 89th minute. Francisco Lima was in the box with his arms out by his sides, when FC Dallas smashed a ball in to the box, striking Lima's right arm. The ref whistled and pointed to the spot while an incredulous Lima and team argued furiously in vain against this highly suspect call.

The 6'3" Cooper slotted the ball home easily and tied up a match that San Jose felt they could take to the bank. The resulting equalizer sparked a lot of late fire from both sides but the game ended up with a point to each.

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