30 July 2008

Blanco No Go for US Open Cup

Cuauhtémoc Blanco may have said adios to any US Open Cup action.

The U.S. Soccer Federation suspended Blanco for at least two years on Wednesday based on his bad behavior during the Chicago Fire's Open Cup quarterfinal game against D.C. United on July 8.

In that match, Blanco was accused of a few moves that aren't' even allowed in MMA - some eye gouging and head butting and at the end of the day, US Soccer decided Blanco's actions were worthy of a lengthy exit from the Open Cup.


Chris said...

Good. That game he did that was against DC United. What a dbag.

Gruffgoat said...

dude, he's always been a d'bag - I remember hating his guts during the '90s. But he does have some game still.