30 July 2008

MLS Sunday Recap

This should have been typed up earlier, but similar to recent DC United games it had to be postponed because of things beyond my control. That said this weekend had some really exciting games. I got to watch a few of them and here are my thoughts on the four matches this past Sunday.

Dallas FC 4 - LA Galaxy 0
The only match that I caught all of was the Dallas FC and LA Galaxy match up. I have to say that it must have been pretty embarrassing being a Galaxy fan and watching the game because Dallas totally dominated the entire match. The game ended 4-0, but could have easily been close to 7-0. LA had a few chances that hit the crossbar but even so they wouldn't have been saved.

Kenny Cooper had a very masterful performance, but Dominic Oduro had an equally great game. It looked as though the Galaxy forgot how to play defense as the pair of Cooper and Oduro combined for three goals and two assists. Cooper also missed a one on one with the keeper that should have been a gimme goal, but it really wasn't needed. Hopefully that will be corrected in the playoffs when they will need every goal they can get.

There really isn't anything to say about the Galaxy except how poor they played. Other than Beckham, I thought I was watching a high school team. I feel sorry for the man because he plays so well still (completing over 90% - 95% of his passes) but has no striker or forwards to pair up with. The only person that seems to be consistent is Landon Donovan but in my opinion he really isn't that great at all. It seems like he never wants to score as can be seen in this game where he has an open net to shoot into while standing in the penalty box and instead passes the ball which eventually gets turned over. Simply pathetic. Maybe Edson Buddle will step up and become the man Beckham needs to get a few more wins for the Galaxy who are 0-3-3 in their last six games.

NY Redbulls 1 - San Jose Earthquakes 1
I only got to see a few minutes of the NY Redbulls and San Jose Earthquakes game because it was the same time as the Manchester United/Portsmouth friendly. From what I saw it looked like your typical last place match-up with nothing really happening. However, the tie did NY into a four way tie for 4th place in the East. San Jose seems to be the Derby County of this season and is still a far distance from the next lowest team and cannot get a win to save their life. It is unfortunate for them because the only way that the Redbulls pulled out the tie was by the most hilarious own goal I have ever witnessed (other than the Liverpool one during Champions league which is only hilarious because of the situation surrounding it).

Columbus Crew 2 - Colorado Rapids 0
I watched the first half of the Columbus Crew and Colorado Rapids match Sunday night. It was a pretty exciting game with a lot of back and forth action. I haven't had the chance to watch either team much this season so I was glad for the opportunity to do so and wasn't disappointed. I was really surprised at how well Columbus attacked the net. It seems like their defense needs a bit of work, but outside of Houston and New England, what team doesn't.

The Crew's first goal was a beauty and after watching the highlights the second one looked just as good. I was kicking myself for turning it off at half time (East Coasters have to be at work early!) because the second half looked extremely exciting with Colorado getting so many near misses. The Crew are now within two points of New England keeping the race for first place exciting. I will have to tune into more of their games in the future.

Kansas City Wizards 0 - Chicago Fire 0
I don't really have anything to say about the Kansas City Wizards and Chicago Fire game because I don't find either team that enjoyable to watch outside of seeing the Wizards get out of last place. The game ended in a scoreless draw and MLS only had one shot on goal as the highlight so I guess that speaks for itself.

Next Week:
This upcoming weekend looks to be great and I think the best match up will probably be the Houston Dynamo and Columbus Crew game. My boys in DC play their last home game until taking on New England in the US Open semi finals so hopefully they can get a few points to keep the race for the playoffs alive. With injured players looking to return and hopefully the team working on fixing what has been going so wrong lately it seems like it will be a good game to watch.

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