01 July 2008

2008 ADASL Perrin Cup Final. Silverbacks Reserves vs. Sting Soccer Gold: Match Summary

Disclaimer: I played for Sting Soccer for about four years, so the opinions expressed herein, however unintentional, may be biased.

Now that that bit of administrative necessity is out of the way, I wanted to capture for posterity, already hazy after a few months, at least a summary of the ADASL’s 2008 Perrin Cup final held at Silverbacks Stadium.

Two quality teams squared off on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in April. The match, the culmination of a season long single elimination tournament, pitted two of the top teams of the ADASL. Eventual first division champions, the Atlanta Silverbacks Reserves (14 - 1 - 2), against new comers to Atlanta’s amateur top flight, Sting Soccer’s Gold team (8 - 4 - 5).

The match seemed to be going Sting’s way early, as the boys in yellow took the early lead, while the Silverbacks had some trouble getting in to a rhythm.

The second half devolved a bit - less and less football and more and more contact. This change seemed to suite the Silverbacks midfield quite well as they began to capitalize on their opportunities, and marched ahead of Sting by two goals.

Sting finally regained some footing and scored a late goal. In spite of this rekindled momentum, the clock wasn't on their side. When the final whistle sounded, the score was 3-2, and Silverbacks Reserves had booked their 4th Perrin Cup title, while Sting Soccer Gold settled for second.

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