01 July 2008

FIFA has a Plan B for World Cup 2010

For those billions of fans wondering how in the world South Africa was going to be able to pull of the World Cup in 2010, in the face of rising civil unrest, stadium construction delays, and other major obstacles, guess what, FIFA are wondering the same thing!

Sepp Blatter confirmed that FIFA does in fact have a “Plan B” set aside, but he also assured the world press that his Plan B is to be deployed only in the event of a natural disaster.

I think I speak for most fans when I say the inability of the host nation to support the most important tournament in sport, a tournament that will be watched with religious zeal by billions and billions of people, is a fine definition of “natural disaster.”

On this news however I’m breathing a sigh of relief...the next big question is, what is the Plan B, or more importantly who is the Plan B. We’ll stay tuned.

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