02 July 2008

Farewell to Football for Now

Apologies to all my Major League Soccer fans out there, there is no disrespect intended in the headline. But for all intents and purposes, the final whistle of Euro 2008 ushered in the period of time that I like to call “the Great Silence.”

Sure, we will be tracking transfer news, a handful of World Cup qualifying matches, MLS, and football odds and ends, but the next month and a half is intermission for world football.

The world’s top players are resting, healing, and negotiating. Clubs are buying, selling, and figuring out their strategy for the upcoming season. Fans are trying to get caught up on work lives, love lives, chores, etc. Hopefully I’m not speaking for myself on that last point.

MLS is the odd man out as they are about halfway through a season that sits on the other side of the seasonal calendar from Europe’s leagues. But until every major city in America and most minor cities have a team capable of promotion to the American top flight, then I will keep an interested eye, if not a rabid eye, on MLS action.

This last point makes for a great set of discussion topics, so stay tuned for more on the subject of promotion and relegation in American soccer and thanks to Europe for providing some outstanding football this 07-08 season (I'm anxiously awaiting Saturday, 16 August 2008)!

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