17 August 2016

Some Great Soccer News Links and Our Future

For the first week or so, these posts will largely be about "catching up."

A lot has changed since we stopped blogging about soccer back in 2009; global tournaments have been played, upsets have been realized, champions have been crowned, and from a soccer blogging perspective, information availability has ballooned.

There are so many great options for fans these days. Some of my favorites are: (of course)

And these guys have done a fantastic job of bringing English football in to our homes and pubs every Saturday and Sunday morning;

With all of this competition for your time, Gruffgoat is going to hone in on a niche of sorts that we hope will compel readers to spend a few minutes out of their day, enjoying some of our soccer content.

That niche has yet to be confirmed, but a current pie chart of our content might look something like this:

We will likely be expanding one of these wedges depending on what you guys want to read about so give us feedback and continue to stay tuned. 

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