18 August 2016

Gruffgoat's Soccer Blog and our Evertonian Future (Revisited)

It seems like just yesterday I was just posting about trying to hone in on a niche for this blog. And in the process, my initial thought was that I would just hone in on “football” as a niche.

There are 7 billion people on this planet, 188 billion of whom are football fans of one form or another which means I completely whiffed on the idea of settling on something specific.

As is often the case with, I had a moment of clarity while running.

I’ve been an Everton fan since around 2008-09. You can read that tale here if you like. So I thought, why not write about soccer from a tortured yet optimistic Evertonian perspective?  After all, those are the matches I’ll be watching during the season anyway, so it makes sense for me to write about how Everton gave up the lead in the 88th minute to tie the match or how Everton came back in the 89th minute to tie the match, etc. etc.

So here are some of the categories I was thinking about: 

  • Match summaries
  • Everton players and their national teams
  • Americans at Everton
  • Everton in America
  • Former Toffees
  • Transfer rumors
  • Transfer news
  • Some miscellaneous local soccer stuff just because it’s my blog and I can write about whatever I want to write about
  • Beer (see previous justification)

I know I may not get the traffic of a blog about Manchester United or Chelsea or Arsenal or City but as long as I get more traffic than blogs about Liverpool, then I’ll survive.

It’s a grand old team!


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