16 August 2016

Gruffgoat’s 2016-17 Barclays Premier League Predictions

Zlatan Ibrahimović
With the 2016-17 Barclays Premier League season just underway, it’s time to gaze in to our crystal balls, and put a stake in the ground for how we think this season will end.

Of course a prediction like this is going to be spectacularly wrong and will likely piss off large of groups of fans who think their team should finish, top 10, top 4, top 1, etc.  But if rubbing some folks the wrong way was an excuse to stop making predictions, then we’d never make predictions!
And where is the fun in that?

So without further ado and with a list that as an Everton fan I’ll probably feel a bit icky writing, I give you Gruffgoat’s EPL predictions for the 2016-17 season:

1.    Manchester United
2.    Manchester City
3.    Arsenal
4.    Chelsea
5.    West Ham United
6.    Everton
7.    Tottenham Hotspur
8.    Southampton
9.    Liverpool
10.    Leicester City
11.    Stoke City
12.    Sunderland
13.    Swansea City
14.    Crystal Palace
15.    Middlesborough
16.    Watford
17.    Burnley
18.    AFC Bournemouth
19.    West Bromwich Albion
20.    Hull City

Feel free to complain in the comments. I'm going to need a shower.


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