15 August 2016

5 Key Questions Heading in to the 2016-17 Barclays Premier League Season

With an Olympic games in full swing in Brazil, one might have been tempted to let the 2016-2017 Barclay's Premier League season sneak up on you.

But soon the Olympic torch will be passed, and the football fans among us will be able to devote our full attention what should be a glorious EPL season.

Here are some of the more sumptuous questions we have before us:

1. Will plucky Leicester City continue in the Cinderella form that not only let them stay alive in the top flight two seasons ago, but catapulted them over the usual suspects and on to Premier League champions!

2. Will Manchester United be able to elbow its way back in to Champions League football now that the towering figure of Zlatan will be parked front and center of the Man Utd. attack?

3. Will Chelsea redeem itself from its abysmal (by Chelsea standards) 10th place season?

4. Will Everton stop tying matches?

5. Will new kids on the block Burnley, Middlesbrough, and Hull City send more Premier League regulars down to the Championship?

Get your alarm clocks set folks. Football season has begun!

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