05 May 2009

What the hell was Joey Barton thinking?

My guess is, like many thinks related to Joey Barton, is that he wasn’t thinking.

His reckless lunging tackle which sent Xabi Alonso out of the match and earned him a straight red card was the epitome of unprofessional. No, wait. The tackle was the epitome of short sighted and dangerous football, his “what did I do wrong” reaction afterward was unprofessional.

To be sure, Alan Shearer was furious with the Magpies troublemaker, and the BBC reported that the two exchanged pleasantries in the locker room post match.

The net result? Joey Barton has been released from Newcastle indefinitely and the club has no further comment. In other words, Joey…You’re Fired!

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Auckland property manager said...

I agree with you,he is unprofessional.Although he is a football star,it doesn't mean that he can do whatever he wants to do without any responsibilities.