20 April 2009

Ohana FC Kekoas lose tough one to Express Masters

The rain gods were pleased with soccer yesterday and let matches be played all over the metro Atlanta area. Among the matches allowed was our men’s over 35 match. Unfortunately for us however, the attendance gods were not pleased and we started the match with 8 men against a fully loaded plus subs Express.

Fortunately two of our guys were in route so by the 10 minute mark, we were up to a whopping 10 men. Slight consolation seeing that you have 70 more minutes to play with a man down.

Nonetheless, we made a strong showing and kept the score close, with a final of 3-2 going to Express. We had our chances throughout the match – including a botched PK by yours truly. Actually, I hit the ball to toward the roof of the net, but too close to the keeper. The goalie did a good job of stretching to get two fingers on the ball and redirected it in to the cross bar.

We had two good goals by Isaac and John, and kept possession for a lot of the match, but at the end it wasn’t enough to overcome our manpower deficit. The really excellent news is that I think all 10 of us emerged with no pulled muscles! Well done.

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