13 January 2009

What exactly is a "World Player of the Year" anyway?

By now you know, with little suprise, the Cristiano Ronaldo, the wunderkind of Portugal and Manchester United, has won the lastest round of "World Player of the Year."

Full congrats to Ronaldo, he is a phenomenal contributor no doubt, but I'm not sure I really understand this "award."

No doubt Ronaldo is an incredible player, but who on the pitch does not play a roll in their side's victory? How is this thing tabulated?

This award would seem to be based as much on a player's flamboyance as it is his impact.

A quick scan of the winners of this relatively new award shows me that no goalkeepers have been selected, no holding midfielders, no role players. And in fact, only two defenders (both legendary center backs: Cannavaro and Matthäus) have pulled down this hardware...I don't know, I'm just not feeling it.

You guys let me know if I'm off base on this one. Please feel free to continue discussing in further detail over at the Forum.

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