16 January 2009

Metro Atlanta Weather Forecast for Saturday's Sub-Arctic Classic - COLD

The Sub-Arctic Classic is rescheduled for this Saturday at 1:00PM EST as Ohana FC Kekoas take on the Witch Doctors.

Actually it's just the first match or our Cobb Amateur Soccer League winter 7-aside series, but I'm allowed some delusions of grandeur right? The Ohana FC Kekoas is the over 35 team I joined with last fall after taking about seven years off of playing - and by the way, as I've posted before, my hamstrings have never forgiven me.

So as of right now, the Weather channel is forecasting our match day weather as sunny and in the 30sF.

That may not sound too bad for you guys dialing in from the frozen Tundra that is the vast majority of the US right now, but for's going to be a bit on the chilly side.

I'll be sure to post a post-match report for the hundreds...ok, dozens...ok, fan.


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