08 January 2009

Happy Football New Year! A Gruffgoat Update

What happens when I fervent blogger becomes a fervent player again? The blog posts disappear!

I apologize to my readers for this unacceptably long hiatus on posting to gruffgoat…I’ve had quite a few other projects tying up my free time but it is a new year after all so hopefully now that I’m back in the saddle, I’ll be able to stay in the saddle.

First a bit of local news. As you already know, the men’s Silverbacks team has folded. RIP mighty apes.

Next. My men’s team finished the fall Cobb Amateur Soccer League season with a somewhat disappointing “middle of the table” performance. I managed to blow out both of my hamstrings – old man that I am.

For me, that means that essentially I played 30 minutes every two weeks. Why? Because I’m stubborn, I would heal for two weeks, show up on Sunday night, play for a half hour, pop the hamstring, cry out in anguish, hobble off the field disgusted with myself, heal for two weeks, show up on Sunday night…etc.

But in spite of the pain and my physical set backs (a humbling experience because it’s something I’m frankly not that used to) it did feel great to get on the grass again.

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