09 January 2009

Cobb Amateur Soccer League - winter season to start tomorrow

While most amateur outdoor men’s leagues are on hiatus right now, a couple of weeks ago my current league, Cobb Amateur Soccer League, announced a short, 7-a-side winter outdoor season set to start tomorrow afternoon!

This is only going to be a six or seven match season, but if you’re willing to bundle up on those chilly Saturday afternoons in January and February, then why the heck not?

My only concern is still my hamstring. I’m hoping all of the running and stretching I’ve been doing since Thanksgiving will have strengthened it enough, but as any players out there know, there’s really no true test until you play a match. The combination of running, jogging, jumping, lunging, change of pace and direction, etc. is really unmatched in any other sport.

I’ll know tomorrow for sure (provided we aren’t rained out).

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