15 January 2009


Right now I'm watching some stupid baseball game that doesn't matter to anyone while the United States is trying to qualify for the World Cup!!!! ESPN, why do you hate me so much? For the love of all that is holy, please turn off this boring mid season baseball crap and put the match on!!! please!

I was just rereading this vent/post from that slug-fest of a US qualifying match against Guatemala, in front of 26,000 crazed Guatemalans at the Estadio Nacional Mateo Flores in Guatemala City back in August and couldn't help but chuckle...I was apoplectic at the time.

Fortunately I was able to stream a Spanish language version of the match until the baseball game finally concluded well in to the first half. But re-reading this did get me thinking. What does the "game precedence" algorithm look like for ESPN?

Is it strictly a matter of "first on first finished" no matter what's in the queue?

I realize the vast majority of consuming "American" sports fans don't rank soccer very highly on their respective lists...but I would hope that the powers that be, as we get closer to some real World Cup qualifying (no offense to any of the other Group 1's just that now it's really starting to take shape) that patriotism might tilt the soccer numbers in that magic algorithm in our favor.

Here's hoping.

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