21 January 2009

Clint Dempsey featured in The Observer

America's own wunderkind of World Cup 2006 - who then sort of hit the skids for his club side in 2007-08 - seems to have found his footing yet again.

Clint Dempsey is once again the light in Roy Hodgson's eye at Craven Cottage and is delivering the goods in this season of English Premiership Football.

According to the article published in The Observer, Clint can pin his boost in confidence to a single equalizing goal against Portsmouth in October,

"It got the confidence going and I tried to push on from there," he says. "I had a good game against Newcastle a ­little later – that got me into the starting line‑up and I haven't looked back.

"The team's playing well and it feels good to be part of it. The two previous seasons I've been here have been ­relegation battles. Roy has got us all on the same page – the team we have now likes to play their football, pass the ball."

Now Fulham, thanks in large measure to Dempsey's form, are no longer scraping for points at the bottom of the table, but are sitting comfortably in the middle and looking to climb.

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