21 August 2008

USA v. Brazil in Women's Gold Medal Match

Brazil and USA face off again for the girl's gold medal match.

For those of you who watched the Women's World Cup, you know that Brazil's Marta shredded the US defense like barbecue pork; however if the US stays calm and collected on defense, they should be able to hand the multi pronged Brazilian attack.

For the US, exploiting space and playing smart controlled football, using the speed out of the back from Chalupny and Mitts along with A Rod will go a long way in helping them collect the gold.

This match is also an opportunity for Hope Solo to rise to the occasion and put last year's controversy behind her once and for all!


Gruffgoat said...

wow! what a match so far - Brazil have been pressuring relentlessly while the US have stayed composed and had the best chance of the match as Amy Rodriguez had a one on one with the keeper only. We're on to extra time!

Gruffgoat said...

GOOOOOOL USA in extra time! Excellent far post shot by Carli Lloyd and Brazil are looking like they may be running out of petrol.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the USA Women's team for making it a great Olympic tournament! Very entertaining.