21 August 2008

USA men survive nasty battle in Guatemala

Last night’s World Cup qualifier in Guatemala was what you might call a “TV Screamer” in that, I was practically hoarse from screaming at my television at matches end.

For starters, ESPN had a baseball game on instead of the match as advertised which sent me over the top. The insufferable baseball game finally ended at about 10 minutes in to the first half.

ESPN switched over to the match in progress and fortunately, it was still tied 0-0 at that point. More than enough time to watch a Guatemalan side try to foul and game their way through to victory.

But in spite of the cheap play, Guatemala would not find victory in front of their 50,000 plus fans, as Carlos Bocanegra nodded home the game winner for the US and gave the Yanks their first ever away victory in the Central American powerhouse.

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Gruffgoat said...

I'm looking for a video of the hit on Eddie Johnson...that was one of the nastiest I've seen in a long long time.