18 August 2008

US Women take on Japan in Olympic Semis

We are less than an hour and half away from the US Women semi final kick-off against Japan, a team they defeated 1-0 in the run up competition while the other bracket’s match, Brazil vs. Germany is already underway.

Some say the US girls are “lucky” that the brackets worked out in a way that put them against Japan rather than the other side’s titans, but let’s face it, international football has always been peppered with a bit of luck.

Some might also argue that by entering this tournament after losing Abby Wambach to a broken leg, perhaps this bit of good fortune is just karma coming back around. Nonetheless, the US girls scraped out the victories they needed when they needed them and at the end of the day, they’ve put themselves in a great spot to challenge for the gold medal.

Kick off is at 9:00AM Eastern.

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Chris said...

They win to go on to the finals against Brazil!