15 August 2008

US Women Send Canadians Home

The US Women had to dig deep for their win over Canada this morning.

I tuned in at around 6:30AM expecting to see the Stars and Stripes battling it out against the Big Red but instead was treated to about an hour of Brazil vs. Norway. Brazil ended up getting the best of Norway by 2-0 to advance.

Apparently lightening put a stop to the US Canada match with the US up 1-0. The match resumed at 8:00AM and Canada tied it up to send the match in to extra time. The Flying Hawaiian, Natasha Kai, delivered a great game winning header (from the video I watched it looked like it could've been offside) but none of the Canadians made much of it so Kai's header proved to be the match winner and US moved ahead to face Japan next.

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