13 August 2008

DC United Advances to the US Open Cup Finals

After attending the DC United match last night against the New England Revolution I left with a sense of happiness that has not been with me after a game in a long time. United played with a quality I haven't seen since before the start of SuperLiga. Having Quaranta and Peralta back at full strength didn't hurt at all either.

It started out like most games with it being touch and go for most of the first half. The Revs had a pretty diminished team choosing to start rookies and reserve players with Joseph leading them forward. After the first half ending 1-1 I knew DC had the edge, but hoped that they could improve to be the team I knew they could. I got my wish in the second half when United completely dominated the game and only gave up one or two shots on goal the entire half. When Quaranta got a quick goal to start the half and Emilio put it away with his second goal of the game I knew that the team of old had started to show signs of returning.

In the finals United will play USL1's Charleston Battery at RFK Stadium in September. If United can secure the victory it will be the first time since 1996 that they have won the US Open Cup.

In other DC United news next weekend they will play at Chicago and it will be a tough battle with the possibility of McBride returning after the US Men's early exit from the Olympics. It will be a tough battle, but the last two games that the two teams have faced each other DC has come from behind to win so I have hope. I also hope that Patrick Nyarko will play as he is the only Virginia Tech player in the MLS that I know of. Having an alumni of my current school succeed at the pro level would excellent and if his goal against Chivas is any indication he should have a long and storied career.

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Oscar M. said...

A DC United fan and a fellow Hokie? I knew I liked your blog for a reason. I'm 99.99% Nyarko is the first Hokie to play in MLS. Before him, the closes we got was Dante Washington who, IIRC, went to Radford.