29 August 2008

Freddy Adu...Where Are You?

Gruffgoat contributor Chris pointed out a glaring omission on the US Men's Roster just announced for Cuba and T&T - that omission is Freddy Adu.

I thought Freddy had a very good showing in the Olympic tournament so I'm wondering why he didn't make the top 20 cut?

If any of you fans out there know what's going on with Freddy or have any theories; by all means share them here...

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Anonymous said...

He and Altidore were left off the rosters because they are trying to settle into their new european clubs (As Monaco and Villareal)They are both fighting for spots on the starting 11 and I think they would do more good for the US logging lots of playing time in their respective leagues, than playing against Cuba or Trinidad and Tobago. Last year at Benfica, Freddy Adu was having a wonderful season with 5 goals in about 500 minutes of playing time, he was usually the first option off the bench. He took leave for Olympic Qualifiers and The coach at Benfica resigned while he was away. When he returned he was left completely out of the roster and played no more minutes the rest of the season. I do believe Bradley made the right choice in helping them to endear themselves to their new teams.