17 August 2008

Dear Manchester United, the idea is to finish the ball

Manchester United and Newcastle captured the first draw of the 2008-2009 Premiership season and from the 60th minute on, it was clear that Manchester Untied were never going to break through the Newcastle defense.

Shay Given was extremely confident in goal for the Magpies and the fact that most of Man U's second half chances were either off target or lacking in creativity, certainly helped his cause.

The Red Devil's set a furious pace, but it seemed like a lot of panicked running and not a lot of clever build up, while Newcastle just soaked it up.

A warning sign for Man U in my mind was that the most impressive man on the pitch was 98 year old Ryan Giggs! Either this performance was a case of first match nerves (like last season...I know) or they are in desperate need for Ronaldo to move from the stands back to the midfield.


Chris said...

Giggsy always has and always will be amazing. He is one of the most consistent players in the world and that can be shown by him still being on United after 11 years (I think thats the time).

United were missing lots of players and especially their finishers, but I think they looked pretty decent all things considered.

Hats off to Newcastle who had a stellar game on defense and look to secure a spot in the top 10 if they can keep that up.

Gruffgoat said...

Giggs is why I love Man U. It was great to see him out run guys still. By the way, where was everybody? I haven't kept up with the pre season news as well as I would've hoped.

Chris said...

Someone did a write up about it on FARK, let me see if i can get it:

No Ronaldo. (Injured)
No Tevez. (Funeral)
No Anderson. (Dunno? Maybe World Cup)
No Nani. (Suspended)
No Hargreaves. (Injured I think)
No Saha. (Not sure)
No Park. (Injured I think)
Carrick injured early.
Neville unused on the bench.
Campbell's first start.
Used 2 new young imports as subs.