27 July 2008

West Ham vs. Columbus Crew Fight Follow Up: Much Ado About Nothing

It would seem that in the media’s push to latch on to something tantalizing – yours truly not exempted of course – that the first reports of the so called "brawl" at Crew stadium were more than slightly overblown.

Some thoughtful exchanges with eye witnesses as well as some digging around for first hand reports prove that the so called 130 person hooligan style brawl was more of a scuffle between a handful of security guards and a few inebriated West Ham fans.

How the drunk Hammers ended up in the Crew fan section is a question for Crew Stadium security to answer – but at any rate, a drunken scuffle does not hooliganism make. I’ve seen more fighting than that at a Jimmy Buffet concert yet I don’t recall the media getting up in arms about those dangerous and disruptive parrotheads.

If the old adage stands true that any publicity is good publicity, then let’s hope that Crew football can get something out of what was otherwise pretty much nothing.

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