26 July 2008

Brad Friedel to move to Aston Villa. Are Villa the new Fulham?

With the announcement today that US goalkeeper Brad Friedel has signed a three year deal with Aston Villa – Americans will have yet another team of expats to tune in to this coming football season.

Last season Fulham became the side of choice for many newbie EPL fans because of the presence of Clint Dempsey, Eddie Johnson, Kasey Keller, and Brian McBride at Craven Cottage.

Even with McBride’s homecoming to the US and MLS’ Chicago Fire, the American contingent remains strong at Hammersmith and Fulham.

But now Aston Villa has added some considerable red, white, and blue to the nets as Brad Friedel has signed on at Villa Park and Brad Guzan is set to join the club pending a work permit hearing. Villa also signed young Eric Lichaj in July of ’07 after the 18 year old defender impressed scouts during Aston Villa’s North American tour.


tippo said...

Maybe wouldn't quite say the new Fulham but Villa wanted a reliable goalkeeper and Friedel fits that bill. Having an American owner may helps too but I just think they just went to sign a good goalie.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it depends on who else they sign - the EPL already has plenty of American netminders - and Friedel is just a transfer...

kovo said...

Glad to see Friedel is still in the EPL. It would be great if more American's were in the EPL.