29 July 2008

SuperLiga 2008 Semi Final - Houston Dynamo vs. Pachuca CF

Houston Dynamo takes on Pachuca CF for the first semi-final of SuperLiga 2008 - I have no idea how I let this slip up on me. I'll follow this up with a quick summary.

Half time report: 0-0 so far and both sides have had some chances early on. I've got to give the edge to Houston for the first 45 minutes. A couple of errant final passes are all the separate the Dynamo from going ahead in the match.

(the announcer just said "the ball took a gratuitous bounce" he he. I think he meant fortuitous, but here I am blogging while he's at Robertson Stadium checking the action live)


Anonymous said...

Another bad call against the mexicans. The goal was not offsides. Houston scores and Pachuca gets jobbed.

Gruffgoat said...

Pachuca got robbed on the goal. At least Houston punched two in to make it seem a little less egregious.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am fairly certain that NE will win tomorrow night. Look for another horrible call against the Mexican side to seal the win.