15 July 2008

Just What Chelsea Need, A Diving Partner for Drogba: Robinho

According to a report in the BBC, Chelsea are interested in signing Real Madrid's Brazilian forward Robinho - but there is some debate as to whether or not Stamford Bridge have ponied up the £48 million purse.

The BBC goes on to report that Robinho is on Big Phil's list of target players but the 24 year old's price tag is up for debate. Regarding the potential move, Robinho said "it would be a dream for me to work with Luiz Felipe Scolari, who is one of the best coaches in the world."

Much like Drogba, I love watching Robinho play when he's in the mood for honest football, but the second he starts collapsing to the turf at the slightest brush, I start looking for someone to go Roy Keane on him. Sorry - but I can't stand divers in the game and in my mind, Robinho is up their with the worst. Maybe a good dose of Premiership football would help the diminutive forward out of his flopping ways.


Anonymous said...

Can you clear something up for me about transfer fees? Why don't clubs just wait for players contracts to run their course before trying to sign them or do these clubs own the player for life and are still due the fees from the other clubs? I am looking at it from a free agency standpoint as in baseball.

Gruffgoat said...

Great question which really gets to the business of football and the strategy of a team. Transfers of players in contract can happen between clubs only during specific transfer windows. Basically a transfer fee is paid from the buying club to the selling club as a means to buy out the current contract. From a business perspective, it's a way for the selling club to get a large injection of capital - particularly if they have someone on contract who has "grown" to become a superstar. If they wait until the contract expires, then they lose out on the transfer fees (per the Bosman ruling)! Trust me, this system has its critics. Sepp Blatter has likened it to modern day slavery (which is freakin' hilarious as the poor players in the news are usually making at least US50k/week - Cristiano Ronaldo is knocking back US250,000k/week). I'll see if I can find a good study on the subject.