05 July 2008

Aussie Harry Kewell is Heading for Turkey

Former Liverpool playmaker and Australian international, Harry Kewell, is set to move to Turkey's top side, Galatasaray. His move comes at a time when Turkey seem to be exporting some major talent; burgeoned on by an outstanding showing at the European Championships, players such as Tucay and Nihat saw their international football stock rise dramatically!

Poor Harry could never seem to keep his fitness in the Premiership and spent a major chunk of the last five years watching Liverpool from the sidelines as opposed to contributing on the pitch. So here's to hoping Harry has considerably better luck in Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu, than he did in the Premiership.


FxB said...

Given his medical record, I cannot imagine why anyone would take a risk on him.

Gruffgoat said...

fxb, I always wonder about these guys who seem so injury prone...perhaps the Turkish league will provide a pace more suitable to Harry - if he can maintain his form and fitness during the Champions League with Galatasaray, maybe he'll get another chance in a couple of years.

FxB said...

In a couple of years? He's 29. That's not old in the real world, of course, but on the field that means he's rather long in the tooth. Consider the fact that Arsene Wenger won't give an Arsenal player over 30 more than a one-year deal. That's why Pires left. And it's what made Lehmann so unhappy, too.

According to Wikipedia, Kewell managed just 93 league matches for Liverpool in the last five seasons. In other words, he averaged less than 20 matches a season.

I hope Kewell proves me wrong, but I fear that he'll be one of those guys who never managed to fulfill his potential because of the injuries he suffered. Other examples would be Ben Olsen and Sebastian Deisler.

Gruffgoat said...

yeah - agreed...I didn't realize he was knocking on thirty's door. I'm afraid he missed his chance to impact the EPL in any signifcant way - maybe he'll be at Sydney FC in a few years?? The A-League is moving along pretty nicely now.