26 June 2008

The Texas Derby Ends in a Draw

Photobucket v. Photobucket
Houston and Dallas battled out a very physical 1-1 draw on MLS' Texas Derby Thursday night. Unfortunately for the fans waiting to tune on ESPN 2, the WNBA game in progress went to quintuple overtime or something insane like that.

In addition, at the end of each overtime, the WNBA teams managed to stretch the last 27 seconds out to an additional five minutes of real time. Sorry for the hyperbolic venting, but it's frustrating knowing live action in one sport is being preempted by time outs in another.

Nonetheless, Houston got on the score sheet in the unviewed first half with a flashing header from US National Team player Brian Ching. The second half saw Dallas return the favor getting on the end of an uncontested cross to head home the equalizer. A few flagrant tackles later could of resulted in red cards for both teams, but the cards stayed yellow and the scores stayed equal.

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