27 June 2008

MLS Players Remind Saragosa that this is No Place for Divers

If you were able to catch the second half of the Houston Dynamo v. FC Dallas Thursday night (27 June); besides tuning in to a very physical match with both teams playing for keeps, you also may have noticed something else quite interesting.

The Dynamo’s favorite Canadian, Dwayne De Rosario, was running across field and was being hounded…no mauled…by Dallas’ Marcelo Saragosa. De Rosario, to his credit, kept his feet the entire run despite being kicked and having his shirt pulled. Now this is where it gets interesting.

The referee blows the whistle to signal the foul against Saragosa - who then proceeds to drop to the turf, Nani style, as De Rosario is walking away! An incensed De Rosario rushes back to the scene of one of the most pathetic dive attempts I’ve ever seen, and literally drags Saragosa back to his feet. I am happy to report that at this point, Saragosa is promptly rushed by players from both sides and is positively lambasted for his theatrics!

Now, the referee should have produced a card for this display – but I believe he may have been in a bit over his head with this match. However, I was very heartened to see the players deliver such a strong statement to any would be divers out there. Keep the American game honest!

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