24 June 2008

Luca Toni's Diving Makes Babies Cry

I was absolutely disgusted by Luca Toni when Italy played Spain on Sunday, 22 June, 08, for the Euro 2008 Semi final spot. Here is a guy who is 6'5", can turn a football on a dime, yet whenever a Spanish defender so much as breathed on him, he would collapse like a house of tinker toys.

Andy Gray had a great quote on one of Toni's more egregious bits of theatrical crap when he said in that wonderful Glasgow phonology, "sure the defender grazed him there, but he's gone down like he's been hit by a sniper."

So, far all of those soccer haters who say the sport is full of diving pansies, I'll humbly ask for you to revise your over generalization and say, "the Italian national team is full of diving pansies," or even better, "Luca Toni is a diving pansy."

Now that wasn't so hard was it?

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