09 February 2009

Everton Dominate Bolton in League Action

In a match that didn’t move the needle on the table very much either way for Everton, but did introduce transfer window signer Jo to the team, the Toffees dominated Bolton at Goodison Park.

Everton looked very much on form against Bolton as attacks came from all sides but nothing fell until Jo was tripped up in the box to draw the Penalty Kick.

The PK was easily converted by Arteta to put Bolton ahead, but the 1-0 score line at the break did not do the Toffee’s justice as they dominated possession and had the lion’s share of attacking chances – including a rare close range miss by Tim Cahill early in the half.

Surely Bolton were hoping for some tired legs going in to the second half as Everton had played 120 minutes of gritty FA Cup football, knocking Liverpool out just a few days prior, but it would not be.

Jo showed a flash of the goal scoring prowess he had in Moscow shortly after play resumed, with a fantastic touch and turn strike to put Everton up by two.

The final goal came on yet another PK as Bolton was called for handling the ball in the box. Jo slotted this one home as well – making him a party to all three of Everton’s goals – a point sure to be high on Moyes’ mind and a major confidence boost for the Brazilian striker.

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