12 January 2009

Somebody drive by the Beckham's and check for a For Sale sign

The BBC is reporting today that AC Milan are hopeful that Becks can push his 2 months out a bit longer.

He played 88 minutes against Roma on the weekend which by anyone’s standards is a more than fair stint in the midfield. If anyone saw his performance please give us your assessment.

The BBC article is quoting Milan’s technical director, the former Brazil wing midfielder Leonardo as saying,
"We thought perhaps he could play for 45 or 60 minutes, but he played the whole match in a very important way…when he finished, he was still very fit - his condition was perfect. The preparation he did during our trip to Dubai earlier this month was very important…it gave him time for conditioning training and we were able to test and assess him. His fitness is very, very good…to play against Roma in his first match was very tough but he ran, fought and defended."

And for my money the most telling quote in the piece was this one, again from Leonardo,
"We have a week before our next match and I think David will be very important for us while he is here."
These are not the word of a Technical Director looking to help a guy out of his loan deal.

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