28 January 2009

So this is what it feels like? Damn you van Persie!!

Ok, so I don't mean to curse Robin's magnificent strike in the 99.99999th minute of this afternoon's match (my time here in the US), but COME ON Everton, you can't squander 3 points like that!

Had I known that choosing a side would cause me this much heartache so soon, I would have rethought my new found allegiance to the Toffees.

Tim Cahill was superb yet again and put the Blues up in the 61st against Arsenal with a now almost trade markable perfect form header; but alas, Arsene Wenger's boys would not be denied the point and who else would you expect to snatch three points away from any team but the sublime Robin van Persie.

The bitter taste of points lost may only be washed away by another small glass of Makers Mark. I'll let you know in the morning how that works out for me.

Meanwhile, we'll hope the boys heal up in time for Manchester United on Saturday.

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