28 January 2009

Marouane Fellaini returns for Everton against Arsenal Today

Just cruising through one of my new favorite internet haunts,, ahead of today's number 5 v. number 6 match with Arsenal, and picked up some good news from evertonTV.

Fellaini returns from a 2 match suspension just in time for a tough battle against an Arsenal that is slowly regaining form.

According to the interview, Fellaini said,
"We're going to try and keep the run going. The main thing is to try to get those three points. We're at home, we've got the crowd supporting us and that will certainly help us.

"You have to remember Arsenal have a slightly more experienced squad than us, certainly a bigger squad than us and lots of internationals as well, but hopefully we'll match them."

Not exactly words ringing with confidence, but let's hope the Toffees remember they are still very close to Champions League contention.

Kick off is at 3:00PM Eastern!

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