11 January 2009

Manchester United 1 – Chelsea 0 at half time

An injury time header by Vidic has Manchester United up going in to half time.

John Terry found himself diving in front of some driven chances by Park and then a few seconds later, by Fletcher. In fact, it was this last blocked shot which went out for the corner.

Man U took it too quickly and in spite of a Ronaldo finish and much to the initial anguish of Old Trafford, the ref called it back to be done correctly. Not to worry Old Trafford fans, the second effort – this time done correctly – was spot on. A clever flick on by Berbetov found an unmarked Vidic diving in to bounce a rather easy one past Cech.

Spirits are high going in to the half time break, so I’m definitely looking forward to picking this one up again for the second half.

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