17 January 2009

The Cobb Amatuer Soccer League - Winter Season post match report for Ohana Kekoas O-35

I promised a post match report for those interested so here it goes:

The weather at Lost Mountain Park was cold as expected, but not the mind numbing cold I was bracing for. Shorts were actually just fine after warm-up and with a beanie and gloves, the weather was not a problem.

As for the match itself - we won pretty easily actually. I'm not sure what the final score was - it's a winter tune up league anyway, so score is not that big a deal - but we slotted in at least 6 on the small sided goals.

In addition, we are sans our regular keeper Danny, so team captain Todd, doing what captains do, stepped up to mind the nets for the first 40. We divided goal keeping duties among four of us the second half so for those keeping score, Jeff, Kevin, TJ and yours truly rounded it out.

The thing that did surprise me about this league is that it's two 40-minutes halves! At seven players per side, that’s a pretty decent amount of running.

Not to mention, we only had eight show up – meaning one sub – so needless to say, yours truly will most likely be pretty sore tomorrow! On a cold day like this, I'd rather be moving on the pitch - albeit slowly - than standing on the sides.

Early on we played some really nice soccer considering the winter rust build up; a lot of ball movement, nice one touch passing, good scoring opportunities and solid defense. We were up by 3 at half time and scored at least a couple of more in the second – but with quickly wearying legs toward the 65 minute mark, we let one slip past us to keep from getting the clean sheet and Witch Doctors did a nice job of keeping the pressure on until the final whistle.

Let’s hope the weather holds out for next weekend and maybe is even a bit warmer…the 40s would be nice!

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