15 January 2009

And the Winner Is…Manchester United!

Man U is no stranger to hearing those words, but this competition takes place on the balance sheet and not on the pitch.

That’s right, Forbes has just released their annual list of the world’s most valuable sports franchises and at the top of the list is a proper football club, Manchester United.

Unfortunately, the list is in that abomination of the internet known as a picture slide show – so I’ve done you the courtesy of reprinting the top 10 here for you.

1. Manchester United
2. Dallas Cowboys
3. Washington Redskins
4. New England Patriots
5. New York Yankees
6. Real Madrid
7. Arsenal
8. New York Giants
9. New York Jets
10. Houston Texans

There can be no question that as a single sports league, the NFL of American Football has no competition when it comes to making money!

I’ve said this before, NFL Football is a “perfect storm” of marketing, television, and pageantry and there is not a better suited sport in the world to feed the fancy of the typical indolent American than this.

I’m trying to be nice, but just have a look at the picture Forbes picked to show off the Houston Texans if you want a chuckle…these guys aren’t backing away from the buffet line any time soon!


But I digress...anyway, enjoy the list.

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