09 January 2009

AJC's Off the Ball is Off the Radar

Resolving to make ‘08 great??? Last year's New Year's resolution?

This, my friends, is the latest post I could find on the Atlanta Journal and Constitution's once steady soccer blog called, “Off the Ball.”

After looking all over for about five minutes, I finally found a link to the blog using some archived searches. Atlanta fans, let me know if I've missed something here.

I realize that the men’s Silverbacks team has effectively folded for 2009 (and most likely beyond), but we have so many great local soccer stories that need to be covered; and Wendy Parker was our last main stream media hope!

Wendy, if you’re out there, please let us know what the story is with Off the Ball.

Atlanta area soccer fans, we need to rally here and I’m not a reporter, so please send me your local high school, college, youth, and amateur adult soccer news stories and I’ll post them on Gruffgoat’s Soccer Blog for us all to share and enjoy.

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