17 January 2009

ADASL’s Perrin Cup Quarter Final Round is Taking Shape

The ADASL is one of Georgia’s top amateur leagues and the argument can be made that it is in fact the highest level of competition available to amateurs in the state.

The league has an excellent annual single elimination tournament that runs the length of the season called the Perrin Cup.

Now with the preliminary rounds, the round of 32, and the round of 16 out of the way, the drama that is the quarter finals, with the exception of one remaining bracket, is scheduled to be played out on February 15th.

The matches scheduled are:

First Division leaders Melchester Wings vs. Third Division upstarts Creswell FC

First Division Dasani vs. First Division Sting Gold (my former club – good luck guys)

First Division AC Silverbacks vs. First Division FC Ljiljan

With the last bracket still in limbo between Neusoft, Screaming Pelicans, Real Pish, and B&H International

I'll be tracking this tournament so stay tuned for updates.

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Wings said...

I hope this is acceptable to post...
if not, I apologize. If so, please read on...

Wings Soccer Club (ADASL) will be holding tryouts for the upcoming major season for all three of our ADASL squads beginning on Sept. 2nd in the Sandy Springs area. We are looking for highly talented and fit players to compete for division titles as well as bond with your teammates on and off the field. Wings is more than just a place to play, we are a close knit community of players that socialize together and strive for excellence on the pitch.
Wings began in 1976 and has grown over the years to be one of the most successful clubs in the Southeast. We also have Wings clubs in Charlotte and Nashville.
Wings Premier (Melchester Wings), our Div1 squad is returning to defend their league championship from last season and will be looking for players of the highest caliber.
Wings Select (Div2) is also seeking D1 quality players that can pay up to our D1 team if needed. Players with international or college experience are preferred.
Wings Master (D3) will only be looking for a select one or two player to complete our roster.
Please contact Rick Smith for an invitation to our training/tryout sessions.