19 November 2008

Saturday Football Roundup

I watched the second half of Liverpool/Bolton and poor Bolton for not getting a point out of that. Liverpool squeaks by yet again. I still stand by my opinion that Torres really carries the team on his back and Liverpool keeps getting by with luck. I did hear though that Liverpool really dominated the first half of the match, but I cannot speak to that. If I had watched it my opinion may change.

I then had 3 games on at the same time for the 10 AM matches. Arsenal/Aston Villa, Manchester United/Stoke and Tottenham/Fulham.

After watching the Arsenal/Villa match I have to say that Arsenal seems to have no real promise or consistency anymore. After beating United they play horrible yet again and lose. What happened to the Arsenal that would never drop points at home? Maybe Wegner should just start the kids that keep dominating in the Carling Cup.

Manchester United on the other hand absolutely dominated every aspect of the game. A 5-0 scoreline really shows how easily they can win games. Ronaldo got his 100th and 101st goals for United in the game. I have to say though that the best goal was from Danny Welbeck who scored from 40 yards out playing in his first EPL match.

Spurs/Fulham was pretty boring and Gomes' horrible keeping shines thorugh yet again. If Spurs can get him to not be terrible all the time or replace him with a more competent keeper their streak of not dropping points will continue without a doubt.

In the late match between Chelsea/West Brom, West Brom holds on to a scoreless draw until just after the half hour mark. However, Chelsea prove once again that they know how to win games and score an absolutely cracking goal that the West Brom Keeper cannot keep out of the net. Only a few minutes later Anelka scores his 11th of the league to keep himself on top of the goal scorer's list. Anelka finishes with 2 goals on the day making it 12 for the year. West Brom can take solace in the fact that they kept the Visitors scoreless through the second half.

The final game that I wached was Real Madrid/Real Valladolid. Valladolid is just coming off a 6-0 loss to Barcelona where Samuel Eto'o netted 4 goals in the first half. This match ended stunningly when Real Madrid lost 1-0 to Valladolid. It just goes to show you how close La Liga is when the 17th place team can beat the second place team. Real Madrid's defense was always under attack and had very few chances to get the ball forward. Real Madrid had some great chances as well, but the U-19 Spanish national kept a clean sheet the whole game.

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