22 October 2008

Bad economies may actually bolster football's place on television

Check out Martin Rogers' October 20th piece on called, "The price for keeping soccer recession-proof."

In his article, Martin contends that the economic downturn may prove to be perfect tonic for many of the leagues as they enter negotiations for television deals. Many big TV sponsors are closing their checkbooks so the networks are looking at sure bets. You and I know there is almost no surer bet than the global viewing audience for football!

Martin explains, "Several key television rights deals are up for negotiation in the coming weeks and months, and with television companies looking for value like never before, the big leagues and competitions are actually in a stronger position than in buoyant economic times. The networks are looking for guaranteed winners, programs which are certain to attract advertisers.

The English Premier League will rake in megabillions when its deal for the 2010 through 2013 seasons is revamped. The German Bundesliga can also expect to outstrip all previous deals in that country with a long-term agreement for live rights and highlights packages. And despite concerns of whether Poland and Ukraine will be ready to stage Euro 2012, the TV rights will sell for huge money following the success of Euro 2008 as a spectacle."

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