16 September 2008

2 Week MLS Recap

Being busy here at Tech I haven't had an opportunity to recap on the MLS matches I caught. However, here is what I have seen since the last time i posted.

DC United 1-2 San Jose Earthquakes
The only match I got to see two weeks ago was DC United travel to the west coast to take on the Quakes of San Jose. I missed most of the first half, but got all of the second half. After being down 1-0 DC was looking for some pivitol road points. However, as is usually the case, the defense let the team down and allowed the Quakes to go up 2-0. With DC pressing hard Santino Quaranta steps up for a side missing both Luciano Emilio and Jamie Moreno and scores a fabulous goal to bring the side within one goal. However, even though United tried as hard as they could, the Quakes held strong and the final scoreline was 2-1 with the Quakes getting all 3 points.

After looking back on all the games that have happened in the last two weeks, it seems that I only caught 2 of them. Chalk that up to the semester getting extremely busy. Anyway here is the recap on last week's United match against FC Dallas

DC United 2-2 FC Dallas
Again this match DC starts without Emilio in the squad, although this time he subs in during the second half. With a quick start Kenny Cooper absolutely shredded the midfield and defense to put Dallas up 1-0 in only the nineth minute. Being at home, United called on the strength of all the supporters and in the 26th minute Hamie Moreno delievered a cracking header into the goal to tie game. At half it looked like DC were containing Cooper and in turn looked to be the stronger side. Coming back out and with the strength of Emilio, United wanted the win badly. Playoff spots are on the line this late in the season and every point counts. That's why in the 69th minute with the help of Ivan Guerrero and Jamie Moreno, Satino Quaranta gets his 5th goal of the season to put United up 2-1. With only 20 minutes left to play at home, DC was still trying for the third goal and looked to be able to put the game away. That all came crashing down when the team was caught napping and Andre Rocha scored a devestating equalizer. That would be the way the game ended and DC would only get a point and concede forth place in the east to the NY Red Bulls after their win over Real Salt Lake.

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