04 August 2008

Three Footballers Make the List of Highest Paid Athletes

If you're like me, then you not only love sports, but the business of sports. As we head toward the Beijing Olympics, this weeks' Economist has a fascinating section on sports business.

I'll be plucking bits and pieces from this section over the next week or so but to start, I'll share the latest chart to make you all wish you'd taken up golf as a kid - but aside from that, it also lists the other 10 highest earners in sport.

The list includes salary, bonus and endorsement estimates for last season only! For all those youngsters trying to determine which sport to take up (again, besides golf), I'm happy to report that Football is well represented (revenue in US dollars):

1. Tiger Woods | Golf | $127,000,000
2. Phil Mickelson | Golf | $62,400,000
3. David Beckham | Football | $48,200,000
4. Kimi Raikkonen | Motor Sports | $46,000,000
5. LeBron James | Basketball | $40,500,000
6. Floyd Mayweather Jr. | Boxing | $40,300,000
7. Ronaldinho | Football | $37,500,000
8. Lionel Messi | Football | $35,800,000

9. Kobe Bryant | Basketball | $35,500,000
10. Roger Federer | Tennis | $35,100,000
11. Fernando Alonso | Motor Sports | $35,000,000
12. Shaquille O'Neal | Basketball | $35,000,000

Picture: David Beckham in his customized Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe - est. price $602,500.

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Anonymous said...

Non team sports guys such as golfers, race car drivers and such tend to make more than guys associated with teams because they are not on salary. The golfers probably make more money on endorsements than winnings from competition.