21 August 2008

Gustavo Cabrera must go

If ever there was an underhanded pitch for FIFA to hit out of the park, the vicious Gustavo Cabrera elbow to the head of Eddie Lewis has got to be it.

In last night's World Cup qualifier, the Guatemalan right back took a bead on Eddie Lewis and actually changed his run to time the collision as opposed to run on to the ball.

At the very last milli-second, Cabrera lifted off the ground with a raised elbow aimed at Eddie Lewis' head. He did not miss and Lewis went down with blood gushing from his forehead.

To add to the drama, Cabrera had the audacity to feign injury himself, grabbing a fictitious spot on his own head while Lewis bled beside him on the turf.

Fortunately for all, Lewis only required stitches over the eye but it certainly could've been much much worse. FIFA now have a fantastic opportunity to send a message to international football that malicious and cyncial displays such as this will go severely punished.

I think at least one year of suspension from international play is not too harsh, and frankly, Cabrera should be lucky to get off so light.

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