23 August 2008

Full Morning of Saturday EPL Football on Tap

Seven matches today folks. I'm off to my own football tourney so feel free to use this post to discuss the action. Here are today's EPL fixtures in East Coast time:

Blackburn v Hull, 10:00AM

Liverpool v Middlesbrough, 10:00AM

Newcastle v Bolton, 10:00AM

Stoke v Aston Villa, 10:00AM

Tottenham v Sunderland, 10:00AM

West Brom v Everton, 10:00AM

Fulham v Arsenal, 12:30AM


Anonymous said...

Watching the tottenham sunderland match now and is pretty good so far.

Chris said...

Tottenham just haven't lived up to it. Big news is Fulham beating Arsenal and Stoke beating Villa.