16 July 2008

Atlanta Soccer News: Street Soccer Indoor Holds First Futsal Final in Atlanta

One hundred and twenty five dedicated Atlanta area futsal fans were in attendance at Street Soccer Indoor’s inaugural Friday night league finals.

The match between JR Trim, a team predominately of Mexican players and Team Fenix who are mostly Brazilian, had all of the flare and excitement you would expect from a futsal final.

photo courtesy of NyowoSkillz

JR Trim’s green clad fans and Team Fenix’s orange clad fans literally lined the court to watch these two quality sides battle it out for bragging rights.

The two had met during the regular season to a 4-4 draw; however in an inaugural victory which seemed fitting based on futsal’s South American roots, the Brazilians from Team Fenix would earn the championship honor.


Pro said...

I went to this final and it was great. The atmosphere, the fans, the Salsa show, and the level of game these guys have. I enjoyed it. I even saw people sitting on top of cars in the parking lot watching the game!

Gruffgoat said...

I bet it was awesome - I'm sorry I missed it!